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About Us

Serving the Community for Over 50 Years

Kusler’s has a long standing history of enriching the community by meeting its healthcare needs. The pharmacy was originally opened in 1967, but it wasn't until 1999 that compounding services were added to the pharmacy, as the need for customizable medication grew. 

In January 2014, Dawn and Michael Ipsen bought Kusler's Compounding Pharmacy. It was important that Kusler's continued to serve their providers and patients with the same care and quality. Dawn and Michael Ipsen are honored to continue the practice established by Kusler's Pharmacy.

Kusler's has a sister store called Clark's Compounding Pharmacy, located in Bellevue, WA.

Photo of mortar and pestle with capsules in the background

Meet The Team

Dawn Ipsen

Dawn Ipsen, PharmD

CEO and Pharmacist


Derek, PharmD



Kristin, PharmD


KC staff Oct. 2022-14.jpg
Kusler's technicians
Mike Ipsen

Michael Ipsen

Chief Operating Officer


Gabi, PharmD


Kayla headshot_edited.jpg

Kayla, PharmD


KC staff Oct. 2022-10.jpg

Michelle, Reena, Missy, Laura, Shelly, Melanie, Kristi, Madi, Brittney, and Tami complete the outstanding Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Assistant teams at Kusler's Compounding Pharmacy.


Our Vision

We are the premier compounding pharmacy of the Pacific Northwest that is successfully meeting the health needs of patients and making a positive impact on our profession.

Our Mission

We provide custom compounded medications, pharmaceutical grade supplements, and consultative services for people, their pets and healthcare providers in licensed states across the country that dramatically improve the therapeutic outcomes, health, education and vitality of the communities we serve.

Our Values

Communicate Openly

We communicate openly, honestly, directly, and with respect and timeliness.

Teamwork and Attitude Wins

We achieve our goals and high quality of results through teamwork, positive attitude, trust and respect for each other.  There is no tolerance for prejudice within our team or Pharmacy.

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives.


Integrity Always

Truthfulness and honesty are the hallmarks of who we are. When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, we choose to do the right thing.


LEAN Mindset

We actively seek to improve our workflows and processes.  We use LEAN principles to improve our efficiency in order to deliver the highest level of value to our customers.

Leaders in Pharmacy

We are leaders in our industry, dedicated to continuous improvement and continual learning.


Deliver Quality Without Compromise

Through our innovative practices, outstanding products and unsurpassed service we will deliver premium value to our customers and improve our profession.


Celebrate Your Pharmacy Family

Recognize and celebrate each other’s successes, big and small. Stay healthy, care for yourself and your family, enjoy living life.

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